Die Selbermacherei means a place where you make stuff yourself as well as the activity of making stuff yourself.

Isabella and Niko both grew up in the late 20th century, where division of labour was very deeply rooted in contemporary Austrian society. But also the seeds of overcoming that where there.

When we moved to our farm, we wanted to explore the possibilities of more wideranging subsistence. A way of farming that does not only deliver one or two products to the market but also fills a lot of different needs of people and maybe also the land. We want to practise permaculture as best we can.

What we learn, we want to put to use for ourselves and also to share. This is why “Die Selbermacherei” will hopefully one day become a school, where you can learn and learn to appreciate the plentiful possibilities of working with the land.

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Manches weiß man erst zu schätzen, wenn man selbst versucht hat, es herzustellen.